From Oblivion To Hampden - New Book

From Oblivion To Hampden

Ian's book is 'From Oblivion To Hampden - Hibs Heroes of 1991'. 2021 is the 30th anniversary of Hibernian's famous 1991 SKOL League Cup Win, a cup win which came right after one of the most awful periods in the club's history. The book features exclusive colour photos, exclusive interviews with Keith Wright, Mickey Weir , Tommy McIntyre, Sir Tom Farmer and Frank Dougan, as well as written contributions from Hibbies Matt Kane and Bobby Sinnet. It tells the story of Hibs from the late 1980's , via the club's 'troubles' of 1990-91 right through to season 91-92, when Hibs won the SKOL League Cup and also won the Scottish Youth Cup. It's a positive book, focused on matters on the park. You can buy the book from all good bookshops, from Amazon or direct from Pitch Publishing.


In From Oblivion to Hampden you will discover:

  • How Hibs progressed in each round, in depth - including the three often-overlooked earlier round victories – with ‘head-to-head’ statistics from previous League Cup encounters against all five teams.
  • How Alex Miller and his players went from no-hopers to cup-heroes in a matter of months.
  • How season 1991-92 turned out to be one of Edinburgh football’s best.
  • How a seemingly visionary plan by Hearts chief Wallace Mercer almost tore Edinburgh apart, yet ultimately cemented the capital’s status as a two-club city forever.
  • Just how much Scottish football has changed in the last 25 years.
  • The story of how Hibs’ heroic youth-team also became cup-heroes in season 1991-92.
  • How Duff and Gray’s ‘revolution’ almost killed Hibernian FC, despite enjoying some early successes.
  • How cup heroes like Tommy McIntyre, Keith Wright and Mickey Weir saw the cup-win at the time and how they see it now, 25 years on.
  • Who was the future Serie A and England star who Hibs almost signed in 1988?
  • What would life really have been like, if Hibs had died in 1990/91?
  • Just what happened in Edinburgh on the night of the cup win as the open topped bus toured?
  • What lessons have Hibernian and its fans learned from the 1990-91 troubles?
  • The stars who won the cup for Hibs in 1991 – where are they now?
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