About Ian

Ian is an author and historian originally from West Lothian. A warehouse operative from age 16 to 24, he became an author in 2007 and has been writing ever since,  health permitting.  Ian was attacked and almost burned to death during a violent unprovoked attack in 2002, aged just 24. He lost his legs and part of his right hand to the burns, and spent 7 weeks in a coma as well as almost a year in hospital recovering. Severely disabled for life and unable to do his old job after his ordeal,  Ian then studied history at the University of Edinburgh before becoming a writer. 

A keen Hibs fan since childhood, Ian's other love is military history and his specialist fields of knowledge include:

Hibernian Fc in the modern era

Scottish military history

Irish military history

British,  American and European military history

19th century colonial wars


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