'Hibs - On This Day' - New Book


Delighted to unveil this new book 'Hibernian FC - On This Day', my 10th release in eight years. This isn't a standard chapter-based book about a certain match or theme, the stories in it work like a written kaleidoscope of Hibernian's past. We used a template of important milestone or memorable matches, along with our own memories and experience, to compile it. It's accessible to all reading levels and suitable for all the family, whether you want to read it in one sitting, or just dip into it. Proud to have written a book about the club we love. I worked with master-statistician and fellow Hibs-torian author Bobby Sinnet on this one, so, I got to work with a genius, our writing and working styles complimented each other well.

Written by Hibs fans, for Hibs fans. Available everywhere, bookshops, internet etc. Oh all right, not EVERYWHERE, you'll probably not find it in IKEA, Currys, your local Butcher's shop or Thorntons, but you ken what we mean...

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